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Get QuickBooks POS Support +1-833-638-8333 at our toll-free QuickBooks is a series of accounting software, which are products of Intuit. Among the various editions of the QuickBooks products, we are a team of Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor to provide QuickBooks Point of Sale (PoS) Support.

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Intuit QuickBooks POS support

QuickBooks PoS is an easy-to-use software for small and medium businesses. Built with reliability and robustness, it keeps your business organized. The software works on the Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS platforms, as of now. QuickBooks is currently not available for the Linux platform. The latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is 18.0 (2018). The current version of QuickBooks PoS is now compatible on tablets.

You don’t even require a supercomputer to operate QuickBooks Point of Sale (PoS). It’s easy to set up and can be installed on your desktop computer or laptop. You do not have to go through the trouble of configuring the software application, as most of the features are already pre-configured. So, you can use the software out of the box!

Another important thing about the QuickBooks Point of Sale (PoS) edition is that it can be easily integrated with Apple’s iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. This will allow you to always stay updated.QuickBooks PoS requires a license to be used by the respective business. If you want to give this software a try, get it for a 30-day trial from the manufacturer’s website.

Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale (PoS) Edition

QuickBooks PoS comes both as a basic edition and premium edition for small and mid-sized businesses. You may select the edition that suits you best. Apart from the editions of the QuickBooks PoS, the software is packed with various features to get your business going well. Let’s check these features which are given below.

1. Sales Management

When carrying out your sales, QuickBooks PoS lets you:

  • Ring and track sales with an optional Barcode scanner, computer or manual input.
  • Track sales by the relevant product and department.
  • View reports about which items are purchased and which are not.
  • Accepts credit/debit cards as well as gift cards.
  • Tracks work orders, including any special orders.
  • Shipping Manager lets you ship and track packages.

2. Inventory Management

The QuickBooks PoS inventory management feature provides these features:

  • Automatically tracks item quantities in your inventory.
  • Let’s you manage your purchase orders.
  • Inventory can be entered in grid styles for better viewing.
  • Provides reorder security alerts for your inventory.
  • Use of images to display product items that are stored in the inventory.
  • Track every item’s serial number, vendor and multiple UPC codes.

3. QuickBooks PoS integration

The QuickBooks PoS has integration features for other devices.

  • It lets you transfer summaries of sales and expense data into QuickBooks.
  • It is easy to sync product items, payables, vendors, customers, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Use of time cards in an easy payroll processing.

4. Advanced features

Apart from the basic features, there are also some advanced features that are provided by QuickBooks PoS software for businesses.

  • Advanced features require a password in order to be accessed.
  • You can design your own labels, tags, and receipts in order to look different.
  • Allows you to customize the products and customers fields in QuickBooks PoS.
  • Provides tracking commissions, tips and employee hours.
  • Can update prices for products and give discounts.
  • It lets you manage up to 20 stores.

5. Customer management

The customer management features which are included in QuickBooks PoS edition:

  • Lets the business owners store details of customers, just like in big organizations. This makes sorting customers easier.
  • Track contact information and purchase details of customers.
  • Integration of contact.

Running QuickBooks on your computer:

In order to start using QuickBooks Point of Sale edition, there are certain software and hardware requirements. These requirements are needed to operate the PoS software without any interruption on your computer or device.

System requirements for QuickBooks Point Of sale:

  • An operating system platform – Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Pro, 10. For Apple computers, your operating system should be version OS X 10.11 and later.
  • A processor for multi-core processing, Intel’s i3 and later generation processors are preferred.
  • Your computer system should have at least 4GB of RAM.
  • A hard drive space of over 1GB is required for the installation of the software.
  • Other software applications such as Microsoft Office and an internet browser are needed in association with the QuickBooks Point of Sale (PoS) edition.

If you have all these specifications on your computer systems, you are ready to go with using the software for your business. It’s also not a hassle in getting the software installed and setup within a couple of minutes.

How to contact QuickBooks POS support Number

You can contact our QB pos support team by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Point of sale support phone number. It’s a good idea to try new things sometimes. If you are an individual who has started up own business of selling products to consumers, you can give a new turn to your business with the QuickBooks Point of Sale software from Intuit. Call us at our QuickBooks Support number +1-833-638-8333 toll-free.

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