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There is no doubt that Intuit’s QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software nowadays. But as every software may have some technical or functional issue, you may also face some technical or functional errors while using QuickBooks. That’s why we got you back to provide you 24*7  Intuit Quickbooks help at our toll-free number +1-833-638-8333. So if you ever face any issue related your QB, don’t forget to contact our Intuit QuickBooks support center and talk to a ProAdvisor now.

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Intuit provides a powerful tool for small and medium business owners. The software tool brings with it abundant opportunities for business owners to help them evolve their skills in financial accounting and management.

It becomes a lot easier when you are provided with an alternate method for monitoring all your financial information. This will probably save you time and money since you will not have to run around to get your financial data organized.

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Therefore, to make this easier, QuickBooks is here that does all the needful. It is a fine product of Intuit that promises to deliver all the necessary tools in order to make your work efficient and productive. The QuickBooks accounting software and a useful product come packed with several features along with advanced tools for both small and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses, such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail and non-profit organizations can easily use QuickBooks for their respective businesses. It has more management capabilities than just handling your accounts.

QuickBooks is becoming a popular accounting tool for businesses in many parts of the world. Currently seeing, there are more than a million small and mid-sized business owners who have their accounts, inventory, invoices, tax, sales reports, employee payroll, etc., that are managed effectively by this accounting software tool.

QuickBooks is not only limited to business owners. It’s powerful features make it an ideal tool for professional accounts as well. Since many businesses require the assistance of professional accountants for managing their finances, QuickBooks, thus, plays a significant role in today’s business trends.

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There are different editions of the QuickBooks software. Each edition of the accounting software has comparatively handy features that let you easily fulfill the purpose of your business.

Here are the various editions of the QuickBooks accounting software tool, which are specially developed for effective business management. Let’s take a quick look at the different editions of QuickBooks.

  • QuickBooks Desktop Online
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale (PoS)
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • QuickBooks for Mac (US edition only)

As of now, QuickBooks is developed to work only on the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating system platforms. The Mac edition of QuickBooks is currently available in the United States only. However, the other editions of QuickBooks are being widely used in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. QuickBooks is not available yet for the Linux/Unix platform.

A point to note here is that some editions of QuickBooks may also contain sub-editions for its relevant product. Also, each different edition of the accounting software tool further contains a version number. The version number includes the latest updates to the software product from the manufacturer. New updates are basically provided for better functionality and lots of features to use.

Intuit provides QuickBooks as commercial software to businesses. You may, of course, use the 30-day free trial of the product before purchasing the premium software product for your business. If you are satisfied with the product, you may purchase the software.

QuickBooks users can seek Intuit QuickBooks help from the experts at our QuickBooks customer support phone number. So, if you face any issue or need help for finding answers and solutions, our experts are always available at our toll-free QuickBooks help number.

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Now that you are quite aware of the QuickBooks accounting software tool for businesses, let us also go ahead and find out the ideal ways of using QuickBooks for your business.

Here are some useful tips for getting more from the QuickBooks software.

Read the tutorial

Basically, any software application contains a tutorial or a walk-through that shows the user how to use the application effectively. QuickBooks has the tutorial link, where you can explore and learn all the features and various functionalities of the software tool in detail.

This is useful in situations when you do not have a professional person to do the task for you. So, when you install the software on your computer system, do not forget to read the tutorial section. This will also give you confidence in getting along with the business accounting tool.

Use passwords to protect your data

QuickBooks has a number of features. It allows several persons to access the tool for managing your business. Therefore, it is necessary that after installing the QuickBooks software, be sure to create a strong password when setting up your business account.

Although the tool allows you to give permission to other users, such as your peers or staff members, it is important that you secure your account and critical data with a password. Having strong passwords can protect your financial information from being compromised.

Use correct details

Since, you will be using QuickBooks for your business and link the software with your banking institutions for transactions and tax, therefore, input details that are legitimate. Entering incorrect details is going to be of no use to you and to your business, and this will also render the software unusable. For example, you may not be able to make payments to your clients and employees, file your tax, get transaction reports from your banking institution, etc.

Thus, providing all the relevant details, such as that of your company, employees, products, etc., when setting up QuickBooks is something that really matters.

Use backup

All the information about a company is crucial. If the information or data is lost, you may experience a hell of a loss in your business. Your company’s data is an asset to you and you cannot afford to lose this asset.

Using backup is like saving yourself from a nightmare. Generally, it’s also ideal to keep a backup of your company’s data, either on your computer’s hard drive or store all your data on the secured cloud technology. The cloud technology is a storage space on the server and you can easily access your data from anywhere.

So, when you are managing your business, inventory, employees, and reports, etc., via QuickBooks, create a backup copy of your critical data.

Automate transactions

You can set up QuickBooks to follow a pattern of making various transactions, such as bill payment, invoices, etc., automatically sent to your customers. There are also other things which you can let QuickBooks operate automatically. Thus, saving you time and effort.

You simply need to enable the feature that will allow you to perform automated tasks for the different sections of your business. It can calculate your finances automatically and provide you with detailed reports. Most of the features may not be enabled by default. You may allow certain features to be operated manually or automatically, this depends on the type of your business.

A comprehensive product for your business

QuickBooks is a comprehensive product for both small and medium-sized businesses. Being an accounting software tool, it also contains the essential features which you can use to grow your business further.

With the QuickBooks accounting software, you will be able to easily manage the assets of your business, including your product items, employees, customers, online banking, printing invoices, and cheques, generating reports, and much more.

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