Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks

Owning a business requires certain tools for its successful operation.

If we look back for a moment and think about the earlier methods that were applied when running a business, we would not be much surprised to know as to how much time and manual tasks had to be involved in the process. This is from the viewpoint of managing financial information.

It’s seen that time has changed so much and so have the trends of managing a business. As the computers and new forms of technology evolved rapidly into our lives, they have surely made our lives easy.

Keeping one’s business at productivity and managing its accounts are two prominent factors. When you start a business which deals in selling products or services to your customers, you also have to manage the daily accounts at the end of the day.

Business and Accounting

To accomplish this, Intuit, which is based in California, United States, introduced a user-friendly financial management software which can be operated on computers and other electronic devices that have an active internet connection.

This is something that has really changed the way businesses manage their accounts and book-keeping with ease today. The software application is called QuickBooks.As the name suggests, QuickBooks is an accounting software for businesses that provide simple methods of managing your financial data. This accounting software application is primarily focused on small and medium business (SMB) sectors.

There are quite a lot of SMBs that operate and some of these business firms have sub-branches as well. The use of QuickBooks simplifies accounting and book-keeping tasks of such business firms.

What QuickBooks Offer to Entrepreneurs?

QuickBooks, being a widely used business accounting software, offers a lot of improved features. A little about these features are given below.

Information on the Dashboard

QuickBooks is an accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses. The software application’s interface contains a dashboard that shows a summary of information for easy viewing.

Connect your business with your bank

You can connect the QuickBooks accounting software application with your banking institution. This helps in managing transactions with your customers, thereby making the software an ideal choice for sending and receiving payments.

Storing and printing invoices

A software that lets you manage your invoices can be very exciting. When you are operating a business, you generally have to prepare invoices for products or services that you buy from your suppliers and selling them to consumers. QuickBooks lets you do all this.

The software allows you to prepare, send, receive and even print invoices directly from your computer system. This also saves a lot of time.

Managing your expenses

The QuickBooks software lets you track your expenses and shows you all the information of your trade. It keeps all the records of your expenses in an organized manner. It’s easy to print them as well, just in case if you want to have a hard copy.

Managing your employees

With QuickBooks, you can also manage your employees who work in your firm. The software lets you store details of your employees along with other necessary details. Depending on the number of employees that you have in your firm, you can easily maintain payments for your employees, etc.

Sending and receiving reports

You can store and generate reports of your sales, transactions, employee payroll, invoices, etc., from QuickBooks business accounting software. The reports are to keep you updated and informed about the progress of your business, including profits which you make from your business.

Calculating and filing your tax

QuickBooks includes the taxation feature which is pretty helpful to business owners. Through the software, you can easily calculate your tax and pay your tax on time. Managing your taxation in QuickBooks keeps you up-to-date with your timely tax filing and tax payment.


Accounting and book-keeping is just what this QuickBooks is all about. Using new technological methods, it allows entrepreneurs to manage all their accounting and book-keeping at one place and organised.

You can also access your accounting data, store them on the cloud storage (online virtual disk space) and print details as well. All this can be done very easily and efficiently.

QuickBooks for your business

There are many helpful features and additional functionalities that are provided by the QuickBooks business accounting software for entrepreneurs.

If you don’t already have QuickBooks for your business, it’s time that you get one today and make your business better. The software gives you everything that a business usually requires and that makes QuickBooks a demanding business accounting management software.

QuickBooks is a handy software tool which is developed by Intuit and lets entrepreneurs achieve their business prospects. Not to forget the time that is saved and the less requirement for manual labor, since it’s easy to operate and have helpful features that make managing your business accounting really simple.